Write Good Cover Letters

Cover Letters

The cover letter is your first, and sometimes your only opportunity to grab an employer's attention and let them know why your resume is worth reading. Here are some ways to make your Cover Letter stand out along with some examples you can tweak to your liking.


"What is the Purpose of a Cover Letter?"  (pdf)


Cover Letter Samples

Lets look at different types of cover letters

John Smith (pdf)

Short bulleted cover letter emphasizing qualifications for medical billing and coding.

John Q Sample (pdf)

This is a generic entry level (warehouse) cover letter. It is customizable.

Victoria Vocation (pdf)

3 paragraph (opening, body, closing) cover for administrative position

Jennifer Linn (pdf)

Job Ad and Cover Letter in Response to Ad

Cynthia Davis (pdf)

Cover Letter using example of troubleshooting a situation and resolving it

John Nederstein (pdf)

Cover Letter using statistics and examples of experience and previous success

Cover Letter Draft Worksheet

 Use this template as a guide when creating your cover letter. Customize it with relevant  experience and remember to emphasize how you are a good fit for the position.

Cover letter template (pdf)

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