Write Good Resumes

Before you write your resume, know what features to include on your resume by reviewing the following important question: 

"What Is The Purpose of a Resume?" (pdf)

"What is the Difference Between a Work History and a Targeted Resume?" (pdf)

 Resume Samples 
Now let's review popular resume formats:

Chronological Resume Format Samples
- Often used by job seekers with steady work experience in their desired career field.
Combination Resume Format Samples
- Often used by job seekers with a varied employment history, and by career changers.

Resume Draft Worksheet
Use this Worksheet as a tool to begin crafting your unique resume:
Resume Draft Worksheet (pdf)

Power Words
As you review Resume Samples that best match your goals, and generate a resume using the Resume Draft Worksheet - use power words to strengthen your resume by leaps and bounds:
Power Words to Strengthen your Resume (pdf)

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