Veterans Services

As a Veteran of the Armed Services, you are a valued member of the civilian workforce, with the skills, training, and character to meet the toughest challenges faced by today’s employers.

America’s newest veterans face serious employment challenges. The process of returning to civilian life is complicated by the most severe economic recession in decades. Furthermore, many Iraq and Afghanistan veterans, leaving the active-duty military, find civilian employers who do not understand the value of their skills and military experience. As a result, unemployment rates for Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are overwhelming.

 Some common challenges faced by Veterans are:

•Translating military experience to civilian terminology
•Having a central resource of veteran benefits and transition information that can be easily accessed
•The ability to create a professional resume that civilian employers could understand (no military jargon)
•Easy access to jobs and opportunities that fit skills and experience

Being knowledgeable about employment services, benefits and training is a step towards your career transition.

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