Resources for People with Disabilities

Do you want to work? Do you feel you have the energy to work? How will disability benefits be impacted by work? Consider these questions when reviewing these work-related services and resources.

For millions of Americans with disabilities, gainful employment remains out of reach. Enable America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing employment among the 54 million Americans with disabilities.

More than 70 percent of adults with disabilities want to work – that’s an untapped work force of 18 million people.

The following links provide information and insight for several state and federal resources for the disabled, including employment, education and job seeking strategies:

Massachusetts Employment & Educational Resources for the Disabled

JVS-Individual with Disabilities

Employment Resources for the Disabled

Federal Employment Information for the Disabled

National Organization on Disability

MRC's Vocational Rehabilitation Program (for individuals with disabilities seeking to obtain and maintain employment)