Make Your Goal-Setting Plan

Use your goals you wrote down on the long-term goals (pdf) worksheet and think about how you can achieve them.

Come up with specific actions for each goal. These actions are your career plan.

Example of a Career Plan

My long–term career goal: To be a lead chef.

My short–term actions to support this goal:

  • I will learn more.
    • I will talk with three people working as chefs within one month.
    • I will get an entry-level job in a restaurant kitchen within six months.
  • I will practice skills.
    • I will read cookbooks every week from the library.
    • I will practice making at least one new recipe every week at home.
  • I will get experience.
    • I will ask my restaurant boss to teach me how to make at least one recipe within three months.
  • I will gain training.
    • I will earn my culinary arts degree within three years.

Now use the Career Plan Worksheet (pdf) worksheet to track your career goals and the actions to support them. You can add your personal goals to this worksheet, too!

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